How to Set Up Speed ​​System?

To get the full potential of your glider and fly efficiently, you need to use the speed at the right time and in the right places. To use the speed effectively, it must be set up correctly. This means the length of the string from the hook to the hook / snap hook on both sides should be such as to allow you to conveniently use 100% of the speed and all the positions from zero to that value. Since we have different characters and have different models of gliders and harnesses, it is clear that there is no universal setup and we all need to set our speed at our glider for ourselves.

From the above, you will need to attach a glider when setting the speed to the harness. You will be able to use at least one helper and a hanged trainer, but it goes without it as well. Sit in a harness with attached glider and speed. On the ground (without a trainer), try to get as much as you can in flight (rear back at the end of the plate, back resting). The helper holds the cords or straps up in a position as if you were flying. It needs to practice the grip so that it can hold the rear straps firmly and release, but do not let the front straps as you step into the speed. That’s why the two helpers are ideal ? Put your feet on the speed bar and pull them out. Ideally, in the position with their legs extended on the last (hard) speed rail, they have just met the speed-system pulleys on the paraglider straps. If the rollers meet and your legs are not tightened, the cords are too short. If you have stretched your legs and the pulleys have not yet touched, the lines are long. Moving the knots on the hooks on the hook or the rack (depending on the speed design), adjust the length of the string to reach the “stretched leg – pulley” condition.

If you really want to be a detailist, dress up and dress up as you are used to real flying. But probably, when you set the speed on the ground, you will see that it will need to move the junks two to three centimeters further.

This is how you set your speed so you can use its full range. But speed ​​system we mostly use less than full 100%. To do so, there is one or two degrees of speed. You can try experimenting with different types of rails of different lengths and degrees. But because with the speed you need to work continuously as with drivers, you do not have to look for some kind of deep science …

Someone, for example, likes to leave the speed a few centimeters longer because it’s at minimum speed at full speed. And if he really needs him for a while, he’ll stretch his foot toes. And you will surely find your own solution after some time ….

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