South Vietnam – El Speedo Expedition 2018

South Vietnam paragliding expedition 2018. Flying and travel go together. That’s obvious. And this is way,  we in El Speedo regularly prepare paragliding expeditions travel to various regions of the world. And who has been with us and knows very well that this is not about a simple travel  around well-known places. These are events where we have a basic plan, detailed map of the known, but also we discover less known places and means of solving together experiencing travel adventure.

At these events are not reported by people who have an adventurous spirit and friendly. At these events are not reported nobody in any problem and complication sees the end of the world. Enjoy time with an adventurous bunch is really fun, and you just can not find one. If you take this one, so you have something to consider.

New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica – these countries we already have passed. And now is the turn for changing to Asia – South Vietnam. Our new paragliding expedition will be to South Vietnam. I  prepared a basic Vietnamese program – yet I can tell you so much, that action will be in mid-January 2018, flights are from CZK 12,000 and in parts of Vietnam, in which we should move, I see five exciting air nezáludných areas – ie for pilots El Speedo category pilot 2 to 5 But i believe that, as at other events, and there we find another airline options.

I would recommend a lighter equipment, whether it’s you, “tuktuk” can carry: o) and if need be, and traditionally offer participants Expedition El Speedo light equipment under favorable conditions.

At the event we will be flying off to seek and Vietnamese lifestyle, their excellent cuisine, photographically interesting places and mainly chill and mental rest.

I need to know your preliminary interest and the related demands, so I can continue to prepare transport and other collateral.

Interest in this event to me, please let me know at my e-mail address: or call + 420 603 311 661

The deadline for applications by the end of  September 2017 and whether we will succeed again in the fall to select some interesting route.

I look forward to your response


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