Take a relax, film projection is coming soon!

Hi, we worked together on dates and places, I would like to thank everyone who helped, here is a list and I will be very glad if you or your friends make time and come to believe I have an interesting and inspirational evenning.

  • PRAGUE 15. 1. 2020, topic: K2 – paragliding challenge, Cafe DECADA, Vacínova 10, Prague 8, Palmovka, time: 19:00, voluntary 100 CZK, seats: 30, best book your place with Martin Pastor at +420 777 282 549
  • PRAHA 16. 1. 2020, topic: CHAN TENGRI – paragliding challenge, KAYAK BEACH BAR, Naplavka, Prague 2, time: 19:00, entrance fee: 100 CZK
  • TŘINEC 22. 1. 2020, topic: K2 – paragliding challenge, Radegastovna Under the parachute, Náměstí Svobody 1274, admission: voluntary 100 CZK
  • BRNO 29. 1. 2020, topic: CHILE vs. COSTA RICA, Expedition Library, Náměstí Svobody 1274, time: 19:00, admission: 99 CZK We are preparing another screening of Brno, then in Prostějov, Písek and Ostrava…

I will be glad if you will help me to promote the first two events in Prague.

Thank you a lot and I look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

Dalibor Carbol

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