The flight over HIMALCHAL PRADESH – Indie 2002


In 10 days, without any ground support, no radios, no GPSes, no compass, no watches, no video camera, just us two – Dalibor Carbol and Juraj Kleja. Absolutely free movement in this gorgeous and wild area of southern Himalayas, in places where no one has flown before.

Ďuro and I met at a festival in Turkey, planned what we want to do and 2 weeks after we were sitting in a plane to India. The fast action without more preparation. It was our first bigger bivouac we wanted to realize.

We discussed the equipment a lot – should we bring radios? GPSes? And what about reserves and helmets?… We wanted to reduce the weight to minimum, no useless things.

The plan was to fly from Manali in direction of Nanda Devi as far as possible. During 10 days we were zigzagging and sometimes flying back in various curved valleys and so reached the middle of the track. Unfortunately, a typical autumn weather with no thermals came and stopped our effort.

We have experienced a lot of intense moments which became the basis of our next expeditions. This event set us a very high limit for assessing our future flights. And even more.

Juraj Kleja
Dalibor Carbol

Manali (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Flight duration:
10 days


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