Virus spinning the world and what about El Speedo?

We observ the situation with coronavirus in the same way as most people in the Czech Republic. Anyway, we do not want anyone to bring any disease from our events or to have to quarantine for 14 days after the event. We cancel all trips to Italy.

And what are next options?

  •  Abroad – depending on the weather we will choose destinations where the virus did not spread – for example, Slovenian Downpour – where it is already warmer.
  • Beskydy – the temperature is gradually going up and thermals have already started to fly in our country. The advantage is lower costs and greater operativnost.

We propose the solution, after monitoring the group mood and the possibilities of pilots and weather we choose the destination and go to fly, because it is “scientifically” proven that it is impossible to catch it high above the ground. The motivation to stay in the air is clear: o).

No but otherwise we are out of the trips we spend the whole March preparing our aquaponic farm and if you would like to learn, put your hands on the work and fly according to weather, so sign up and activity before and after flying with facilities at Flight Park Javorový.

Brace yourself


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