Voluntaring on Prašivá – already this weekend 13. – 15. 3. 2020

So it is confirmed, in 14 days the west take off on Prašivá will be cut. And I would like to ask you for help, because before that it would be good to put everything in order. So that there is no unnecessarily large churbes and we can somehow manipulate with the remaining wood. It is not a one-day job, but rather for two or three days, and due to the weather, it will probably be combined with flying, because they are supposed to blow Z and SW directions, and that’s nice on Prašivá.


  • Friday 13. 3. from 3 pm:00
  • Saturday 14. 3. from 9 am
  • Sunday 15. 3. from 3 pm

What we will do?

  1. to clean up the southern take off from bushes and plants
  2. collecting stones from the southern take off
  3. cat tall grass at the western take off
  4. mowing airstrikes under the western runway road
  5. make benches
  6. repare meteosonda and camera

What you will you need ?

  •  brush cutters with a metal blade
  • chainsaw
  • buckets
  • glove
  • wheels

Please call Marcela to 777 311 661 or dali@elspeedo.cz who can come and what tools you will have with you and if you want to stay overnight, we can organize it with sausages and beer. Parachutes with you, wait a minute, it looks good for the weekend. And if we can do it, flying for you free of charge, as we have been doing in the Beskydy flying school since prehistoric times: o)

Thank you and see you later :o).


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