A piece of work done, thanks for your help!

We offered the possibility of staying at Flight Park Javorový for help with maintenance and finishing. And it worked.

We have newly painted guest rooms, all toilets and bathrooms, larch barriers installed on the walls, a finished and also improved upstairs kitchen with dining room, a redesigned El Speedo bar with a new coffee machine installed and programmed – and it calls for a try! El Speedo office repaired and most importantly also the classroom. Wood finish is newly sanded and waxed. We worked on the outdoor BudkaBar, we managed to rake piles of leaves, we hibernated the gravity water heating and we also had some fun and well-being, there was flying too, everything just as it should be.

I would like to thank everyone who went into it, as well as our instructors and assistants, because we also have a wonderfully cut, cleaned and tuned Javorový western take off with newly painted information boards. Such a November, in which we were able to meet our needs, is very nice. And with a clear conscience we can prepare for the celebration of the end of the year.

Come and visit us, stay privately or for work, or if you want to help organise an event, get in touch.

And what will we continue with?

So, by the end of the year we will install hanging larch cabinets in the rooms, improve the appearance of washbasins with beech wood, work on a new version of the utility program for the building and the entire Flight Park Javorový complex, complete a new version of the self-service bar program, start working on self-learning algorithms we want by the end of 2021 to integrate into the new version of building control, and many other details such as the completion of outdoor showers, stone walkways to the stage, the deployment of shrubs on the roof, etc. We just do not stop!

But what is really a challenge for the spring of 2021 – is the connection of fish farming to the hydroponic farm, which we tuned this year. This will be an action! So watch what’s next and if you want to join, get in touch.

Thanks again and see you soon
Dalibor and El Speedo team

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