AIRSCOOP technology

Specially modeled front part of the canopy ribs, which shape a selected part of the leading edge.  This aerodynamic technology significantly increases the stiffness of the leading edge when flying at high speeds. You will appreciate AIRSCOOP technology especially when flying fast in turbulent places.

Hybrid line geometry

Sophisticated and long-proven type combination of lines ensures greater length stability and thus extends the airworthiness of El Speedo paragliders. The use of the most suitable diameters and braids of lines in individual parts of the line geometry reduces the aerodynamic drag and also reduces the weight of the paraglider.

Nylon reinforcements in the leading edge

They reduce the overall weight of the paraglider. They maintain the optimal shape of the leading edge even in extreme conditions and increase stability and glide ratio, especially when flying at higher speeds.

Leading edge 3D shaping

It keeps the individual cell openings exactly in the shape of the leading edge, reduces drag and increases performance.

Trailing edge intersectional ribs

They double cells in the rear part of canopy, increase dimensional stability, reduce drag and increase performance.

Durable materials

They significantly extend the life of the product, increases the utility value. Top cover – Skytex 9017 E25A 40g, bottom cover – Skytex 9017 E25A 40g, ribs – Skytex 9017 E29A 40g.

Laser cutting

Since the end of 2014, all parts of EL Speedo paragliders have been manufactured using a laser cutter, which ensures maximum cutting accuracy.

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