Two-year training programme

for pilots just after the elementary course or licenced pilots.

Price of programme – 4900 CZK

We take care of

what a beginner needs for further training and safe flying. Therefore we have designed two-year programme HAWK.

What is it about?

Each HAWK pilot gets:

– unlimited access to any of our elementary courses – both to theoretical and practical part (there are 20 to 25 one-week courses in Beskydy and Raná u Loun which you may join)

– 16 channel walki-talkie BAOFENG (frequency 400-470 MHz, 5W) including handsfree, battery and charger; 5 channels are adjusted to our most frequently used channels

– analysis of five GPS tracks of your own flights in Beskydy (useful for elimination mistakes and improving techniques of thermalling)

– morning and evening weather briefing from Beskydy

El Speedo On-line


for pilots assigned to HAWK programme

We want to provide to all pilots assigned to this training programme the most accurate information about current weather conditions, what is the potential of the day and where are we about to practice.

Online weather briefing is done between 7-8 am during the elementary course. You can expect videos on flyable days.

Thermal Map of the Beskydy

We have prepared for you the map of the most frequent and the most usual thermal hot spots to improve your cross country flying.

XC Analysis


We focus on tactical decisions you made during the flight. We can analyse your mistakes when centering the thermals and your ability to propose and carry out realistic flight route.

This and much much more is readable from your GPS tracks.

Take advantage of our experience and get to next level of paragliding.

Before your arrival, ask in our office for telephone numbers of our teaching instructors who will inform you about next training. Watch our weather briefings and design your own training programme as you need.



have chance to get into HAWK programme. Therefore if you appreciate customised approach to your own development, do not hesitate and go for it – only first 49 of you can have this.

The programme is for two years. It is activated in the day of money transaction and it is due to the same date two years later.

The dates of our elementary courses in Beskydy and in Raná by Louny are the same every year from 15th April to 31st September.

For more information about the course or possibility to lend gliders, please ask in our office.

You can sign up personally in El Speedo office or call as at +420 777 311 661 or send us an e-mail to info (@)

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