To gain altitude means 3D freedom

Intense training of thermalling is the perfect opportunity not only for beginners but for all of you who want to improve your flying with the assistance of our instructors.

The european sites, same El Speedo instructors who you know from the elementary course, departure according to the weather conditions, morning theoretical tuition and afternoon thermalling.

Terms and reservations

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Brief information

We are organising these trips for beginners just after the elementary course who want to gain new experience in new environment. Experienced instructor will help you find and exploit thermals correctly as well as he/she will assist you when inflating the glider or landing. These courses are also suitable for whole range of pilots who enjoy the servis of our school (transportation, training) or just want to spend their flying vacation within enthusiastic group of people.

Must have

Valid pilot licence, at least Pilot or other equivalent licence

Physical demands

Middle or low

Recommended flying hours

  • any
  • the trip is suitable for all pilots from fresh graduates of the elementary course to experienced ones

Goals of the trip

If the weather is flyable, we devote all our time to thermalling, ie. finding the centre of thermals, efficient turning and much more. In the end of this trip, we will prepare a task to fly and organise a little competition. Who flies further, wins. On this day, we have our bus ready to get pilots on the track and if you have GPS, we shall use its information to analyse your flight to recognise gaps for futher training.

Duration of the trip

This course last usually for five days. We usually leave on Tuesday evening and return on Sunday night or Monday early morning.

Practical training

  • Efficient soaring
  • Efficient centering thermals with assistance of an instructor
  • Training of reverse starts if the wind would be too strong for flying

Theoretical tuition

  • Meteorology
  • Descent maneuvers
  • Centering of thermals
  • Any other what you would be interested in


  • Bassano del Grappa, Italy
  • Lijak, Slovenia
  • Meduno, Italy
  • Norma, Italy

Who with

Two XC instructors

Price: 5 900 CZK

Our clients have 10 % discount

Price includes:

  • help of an instructor
  • lending of walkie-talkie
  • map of the flying site
  • technical service and help with adjusting your gear
  • transportation among sites and rides up the mountain if possible
  • subscription „Student“ on our website
  • a gift bag (T-shirt, promotional items, etc.)
  • DVD with photos from whole trip

We can lend you:

  • Hannah tents and sleeping bags
  • top EN-B glider
  • variometres and GPS (see SKYTEST)

We will help you with:

  • getting flying permits for particular site
  • accommodation and eating
  • transportation to the destination

All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount and the possibility of arranging VAT deduction.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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