El Speedo SUNSET paragliding 2020-2021

Sometimes You just feel like sitting in the grass, waiting and letting the time pass. And as the Sun is setting, the Sky colours are getting different shades and the sun rays draw long shades, the views from our Javorový west take off get a new dimension. It is a stunning view.

What about flying these moments? When there is a nice breeze, our gliders surf the wave of the soft air and we are about to reach nirvana.

Do you want to experience that? Look out for the evening hours forecast and wait for the right moment at the Javorový or Prašivá west take-offs which we maintain for your training in our Beskydy Flying School.

Aren’t You able to fly on your own yet? Just book your place in the Elementary course in our School. The evening ridge-soaring is a favourite part of our training.

And if you wanted to present someone with an exceptional flying experience, just come, call or e-mail into our office and get the gift package or a voucher of a tandem flight and arrange flying for your loved one with one of our instructors.

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