Elementary paragliding courses in 2020

We still keep moving forward. It isthanks to you, thanks to the invention of the people around El Speedo and thanks to our enthusiasm and love for paragliding. Elementary t Courses for 2020 season are ready. So you can choose your term and apply for terms without obligation in our application form. For us it is always better to know more in advance how to organize everything. 

What we have prepared for the new pilots? 

New Preparation Before Elementary  Course

All season 2019, we have been keeping track of alternatives to the preparation before the course and we will definitely keep our direction and further expand the possibilities of your optional but very important “pre-course” preparation. This is so that we can focus even more on effective theoretical preparation during the course and good course of training exercises. Therefore, in January we will introduce a new online pre-course preparation within El Speedo E-learning. Course for course included in the course fee.

New paragliding equipment

We are currently completing the sale of this year’s school sets and this also means the purchase of new gliders, harnesses and reserve parachutes. All of our school seats are standard equipped with altitude meter – devices that sound ascending and descending to prepare you for the possibilities of thermal flying during the Elementary course.

And what is new for pilots after the Elementary Course?

In addition to our standard training program, courses, trips and expedition, we are preparing to expand the activities of our subsidiary school ALTO Paragliding School in flying site Raná near Prague. And one of the innovations are the three-days training program called “Tutoring Courses” at Raná location and the extension of the two-year EL SPEEDO training program HAWK. So if you are from Prague, western or northern Bohemia, or simply want to experience other flight sites in the HAWK program after the course than in the Beskydy, then here it is!

Other news and points of interest are in the process and I will keep you updated. Thanks for your interest and I look forward to seeing you … Dalibor Carbol

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