For pilots looking for sturdy and by practice debugged, comfortable harness for active training and paragliding beginnings.

– lightweight – only 3.68 kg
  (M size, including carabiners and speed system)
– construction with a solid boar
– FLY 3000 serie

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The FUERTA is based on a compact, comfortable, easy-to-adjust harness core with a fixed desk and a full back protector. This new model of 2018 is also equipped with a new zip container of the reserve parachute placed in the lumbar part of the harness, which you would expect rather on the upper middle class harnesses.

We have been testing and improving the internal construction of FUERTA harness for several years in the biggest paragliding training center – Beskydská škola létání. And instructors like to teach elementary paragliding courses with  FUERTA as ground training and high flights as well.  For its simplicity, comfort and great durability.


– cliffs and dunes for our training

This place is at first glance a barren, inhospitable, and perhaps compare to the other Canary Islands and a bit repulsive.
But a few visits were enough to fall in love with it and we have found Fuerteventura a quiet, quirky, but at the same time, many offering training area.

Get the experience too…

Sizes and technical information

Suspension height (cm) 44 45
Width of the seat plate (cm) 35 37
Max. pilot’ weight (kg) 100 100
Pilot’s height (cm) 155 – 185 175 – 200
Weight of the harness (kg) 3,68 3,98
Certification EN EN
Price 530 € 530 €

The prices include harness with protector, speed system and rescue parachute container.
Harnesses are NOT originally equipped with carbines so that the weight and price do not include them.

Solid and sturdy

thanks to design and materials

FUERTA was originally designed for use in paragliding training centres and as the first harness for beginning pilots.

Therefore FUERTA has been made of quality and tough materials ensuring durability.
Reinforcement of lower part of the harness for harder landings is essential in this case.

You will not be confused when strapping risers

We have equipped the model of the year 2018 with colour marking of the straps so that even the beginning pilot is more confident when connecting them to the risers of the paraglider.

Not only FUERTA harness is equipped with this different colour marking, but of course also our gliders. All El Speedo paraglider manufactured since 2018 have these colour marked risers.

Excellent for training

Solid seat plate design is valued by pilots not only for comfort and excellent weight shift control in thermals, but also for ground handling training.
Solid seat board enables proper force transmission to the canopy and weight shift control during ground handling training.

For such training, separate leg straps including safety T-system strap are, in addition to that, more comfortable than GET-UP system with a link directly to the abdominal strap.

Back protector

for your passive safety

The segmental structure of 17 cm thick foam protector is able to absorb most  impacts associated with a harder landing.

It is a passive safety element, which is a frequent helper in harder impacts and therefore it is good not to underestimate this part of FUERTA, especially for novice pilots.

Integrated reserve

parachute container

With this FUERTA h (2018), we chose the same design and support for the integrated reserve parachute container as our CHOGORI XC premium harness.

Due to the low weight of FUERTA and the low weight of El Speedo reserve parachutes of the RSQ Ultrino series (0,84 kg for the version for the weight of 100 kg), we have decided for this more modern solution. We do not disconnect reserve parachutes during ground training anymore, simply because we do not have to.

Navíc je kontejner zajištěn hned třemi nylonovými jehlami, které vytvářejí dostatečnou ochranu před nechtěným otevřením zipového kontejneru. Pokud však jehly uvolníte, zipy se velmi snadno a přirozeně rozjedou a uvolní zavěšení záložního padáku tak, aby pilota vždy vytáhly do svislé polohy ideální pro dopad.

Built in variometer

for beginners or experienced

Only 23 grams, extremely durable and fully programmable – SKY BEAN 2 El Speedo series

This extraordinary helper for thermal flying has its designated place on the left and right shoulder straps of our harnesses.

You can have it for only CZK 2190, stick it to the shoulder strap of your CHOGORI and set off to thermals.

Find out more about SKY BEAN

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All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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