We are proud of teaching paragliding these skilful inventors who designed such a perfect helper for thermal flying. Quality technical solution, easy single-button operation and software application allowing you to easily set your own audio profile – it’s SKY BEAN 2 – El Speedo series…

– weight only 23 g
– fully programmable solution
– creating your own sound characteristics
FLY 7000 series

Ideal vario for beginning pilots

What a novice pilot needs is a simple and clear audible indication of a climb for entering the thermal current circling. The increasing frequency of the sound and the spacing between audio packets provide sufficient information for regular re-coring of rising currents.

Equally useful is also the sink tone of SKY BEAN 2, which sounds when flying into sinking currents, calling for release and eventual use of speed system for rapid escape from the unwanted fast descent. Even novice pilots learn so from the beginning to maximise their performance in every flight.

Compact and reliable

for professionals

SKY BEAN 2 may be a backup vario for performance pilots. It has its place on the shoulder strap of a harness, does not interfere with anything, weighs almost nothing and by one press of the yellow button is able to instantly replace out-of-battery-main-vario.

SKY BEAN 2 can be the main vario for tandem pilots – audio indication is quite sufficient for these workers of heaven, and the possibility of accidental damage at take off or landing with the passenger, as is the case for larger display devices, it is virtually nil.


for specialist

Climbs to the tops of mountains, long walks in the hills and traveling around the world with the possibility of flying from anywhere – all this has one fundamental requirement – really light and small packed paragliding equipment.

For these purposes SKY BEAN 2 with its 23 g is greatly useful. Additionally, the simplicity of use and sturdy design means unexpectedly great value with respect to functionality and competitive costing.

Fully functional

component of El Speedo harnesses

All El Speedo harnesses manufactured since 2014 have velcro on the shoulder straps where SKY BEAN is at home. Vario happened so to become a compact accessory to any of our harnesses.

Just place it on the velcro, secure it with a small carabiner to a prepared loop and you have won a discreet but very skilful helper.

Weight: 23 g
Dimensions: 62 x 28 x 15 mm
Battery: CR2032, 150 hodin

  • 3 pre-set audio profiles
  • world’s best barometric sensor MS5611
  • USB interface for PC and Android connection
  • baro data forwarding to Android app XCTrack via OTG cabel
  • easy to use PC app
  • configurable audio volume and sink/lift threshold
  • SkyBean2 variometer with strap
  • adhesive 3M™ Dual Lock™ Mount
  • micro USB cable
  • user guide
  • sticker

All graduates of our training programs are provided 10% discount.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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