As a good helper on the road to your paragliding experiences, we prepared for you a lightweight but tough enough mountain paragliding backpack. Optimal especially in combination with our series of harnesses – CHOGORI and WANAKA.

Weight: 1,25 kg

Material: Cordura 240g/m2

Sizes: M, L

Deep below us

Filip and I were sitting by a fire and were watching the darkening sky and white peaks of the Southern Himalayas. Drinking tea and talking about what would be tomorrow, what is waiting for us in the air. Not far from us was a Buddhist temple and deep below us in a valley ran a line of lights. At the end of the line was a shining town with weather-beaten people who used to stand really hard conditions.

The place is called KEYLONG.


It doesn’t have to be such a burden.

For a paragliding backpack is principal how you feel when you wear it. We offer a backpack which will enable pilots to complete longer hikes and climbing up a hill – that was a priority in KEYLONG’s construction. It’s based on proven hiking backpack construction – slimmer shape what pushes the gravity center to the higher part of the backpack.

For padding the back section, we also used an internal compression strap what fastens the folded canopy tight to the back section and thus significantly strengthens it. Side compression straps make the whole backpack firmer also.

When walking in rugged terrain you’ll also appreciate telescopic sticks. And when you’ll not use them, you can fasten them by these side compression straps.

Integrated cockpit for your devices

An ample space in a back pocket is often a problem. That’s why we equipped the KEYLONG XC with a pocket where you can easily pack the backpack into and close it. Then you can attach this package by adjustable straps to carabiners and use it as a cockpit for your devices. For fastening, there are sewn velcro straps and safety loops.

Size and technical information

Backpack´s volume (l) 115 130
Backpack´s weight (kg) 1,25 1,40
Price 159 € 159 €

When we are deep in the mountains

On our travels, we don’t always have an available wall socket with electricity. So we have to rely on a solar panel when we want to charge a GPS, vario or a phone. Two-section solar panel weighs 300 grams.

When we place it in the top section of the backpack we get a lot of sunshine, while walking with the backpack on or waiting somewhere for something.

And even more effective is a combination of solar panel, vario and GPS

SKY DROP Ultrino.

Rubber strings on the top are really useful for carrying clothes you need to dry or just put aside.


All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount and the possibility of arranging VAT deduction.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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