How to calculate the price of an older glider?

Pilots regularly ask us, we regularly respond and we have prepared an on-line cost calculator for the older glider.

No emotion, no speculation, one from which the glider manufacturer is and does not matter what glider you have already experienced. These are just real numbers and a simple formula that will quickly determine what an approximate sales price should be for your parachute to have the buyer adequate benefit. Just a fair price for the seller and the buyer.

If you are not sure about the explanation of individual items, please also read the explanatory notes under the calculator.

And you can start filling the El Speedo Bazaar again – as soon as it contains more items, we will take care of further improvements. We remind you that if you decide to purchase the new El Speedo equipment, we will also take care of your older equipment.

Test, share, sell and buy.

And mainly enjoy flying and life …


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