MEXICO 2020 – third week…

In Valle we spent 4 days, it was the longest stretch in one place for the whole Mexican anabasis. The basic program was of course flying. The days were quite similar. At about eleven, thermals broke up, it was possible to start quite calmly and fly in thermal unrest. At the start and in the vicinity of the wind gradually intensified and in the air separated the grain from the chaff (or cautious from the brave, hang glider from parachutes and wizards from the sensible …). Even in the most puzzled days, however, the afternoon the wind weakened again and before sunset, even absolute beginners could always contemplate. 

In addition to flying, we managed another expedition to the butterflies associated with the Mexican wilderness trail, water sports at the pond or volcano Nevado de Toluca (4680 m). 

The end of the expedition then belonged to the pyramids visit the town of Teotihuacan. The third largest pyramid in the world is called the Sun Pyramid. It was named the Aztecs who had found it abandoned. So it actually doesn’t know who and why built it, but it does not change the fact that there are enough tourists who want to see her and need to sell something … poncho, hat or obsidian ball. 

The last point of Mexican wandering was the observation of active Volcano Popocatepetl (5636mnm – the highest mountain in Mexico). The action group (Maťo, Jakub and Michal) chose Iztaccihuatl (5230mnm – the third largest mountain in Mexico) as the most suitable habitat nearby and clawed at it all day and did not reach the top anyway. pool in the town of Puebla and then we wanted parachutes while flying from a nearby take-off. The observation from the pool was so long that we arrived at the time when the wind was convinced that we had seen enough. 

So back to Mexico City, one night in a small hotel near the airport, return the cars and go home … It was beautiful and it was enough. The plane had not yet landed, and ideas were coming up next time. 

So would it really be Nicaragua? 

Come with us to see if this is a good idea ….

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