PARASEM 20 – 21 February 2021 in Beskydy – restrictions

Hello Pilots,

we have a situation here in which various restrictions are imposed by the state. So we are adjusting the February SAFETY PARASEM in the Beskydy Mountains to the current real possibilities. Lectures and training will be provided only for instructors, assistants and pilots in charge of repacking reserve parachutes – ie for pilots who are professionally connected with this activity. For the registered pilots we will be happy to disassemble and hang up the whole rescue system, repack it and install it back in the harness the next day.

The weather should be sunny, probably a little windier, southwestern directions – it seems like an interesting morning hike & fly at Prašivá or Skalka (depending on the strength and direction of the wind).  After this refreshment, bring your harness with the reserve parachute to Flight Park Javorový and we will take care of it. If you only want to bring a reserve parachute, you are deprived of the inspection and installation of the parachute in the harness. It’s up to you.

We will be receiving harnesses and reserve parachutes from 10:00 to 17:00 so that you have time to walk or fly through the Beskydy Mountains.  Due to the ban on gathering, we will not run our outdoor zip line trainer for the reserve parachute usage practice.

Lectures for professional pilots will focus on:

  • correct repacking of various reserve parachute types,
  • correct installation of RP in various harnesses,
  •  detailed analysis of pilot errors and behavior on various types of paragliders at last year’s SIV courses,
  • ways of pilot navigation and practical training analysis for beginning instructors.

On Sunday, we will practice reserve parachute packing in real. Due to the limited number of pilots, we should have everything done before lunch and you will be able to go in the mountains again.

If the situation allows, we will transmit the content of the lectures online in the same way as in previous PARASEMS. You will find current information and stream link here on Friday.

Thanks for your understanding and take care.
Your El Speedo team

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