The foothils of TIAN SHAN – Kyrgyzstan 2006


This year we wanted to continue in our last track and fly around Yssyk Kull Lake in northern Kyrgyzstan, in the mountain range Tian Shan. In a team composed of Karel Vrbenský, Juraj Kleja and Dalibor Carbol we had to deal with hard conditions caused by the windy mountains always surrounded by thunderstorms on the southern and northern shores of Issyk Kull.

In such a high-performance line-up we had a really high ambitions. We wanted to fly over Tian Shan as close to Chan Tengri. But we didn´t know how surprisingly difficult task we planned. Flying on the south side of Yssyk Kull was pretty wild but we made the most of it. The north shore was filled with regular afternoon thunderstorms. But we still moved there after complications with a flying through a high plateau. We tried to get round thunderstorms there as far as the end of the lake where we flew to the south shore again continued towards Chan Tengri.

Nevertheless, we didn´t reach Chan Tengri in the end, we did a really good job in these 11 days. And I´m still wondering how we managed to come home safely.

Juraj Kleja
Karel Vrbenský
Dalibor Carbol


Southwest side of Yssyk-Kullu, Northern Kyrgyzstan

Flight duration:
11 days

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