Aeroclub Airport at Kotař in Beskydy 1949

I knew about the former aeroclub airport at Kotař Mountain, from which the sport airplanes started using a rubber rope glider. Actually it was one of the main reasons why I started to solve the new southern launch site on Prasiva hill. Take a look at history and come out of previously proven places – I would recommend it to anyone who likes to create a new startup. But there was a problem with the infrastructure and the landing area in Kotař. And from Prašivá it’s on Kotař on the ridge, not four kilometers over two ribs. The ridge is very often exposed to the southwestern and southern winds, and flying overlooking the whole Beskydy is great at this place.

Yesterday I got a book “Beskydske Grune” from Mrs. Irena Cichá, in which I found not only interesting text, but also historical photos to the airport at Kotař Mountain.

In the 1940s several aeroclubs (later the United Airways Clubs of Těšín) operated in Těšín. The aviation enthusiasts decided to set up another airport in the upper part of the Beskydy mountains around 1946. After surveys, they found a new location on Kotař Mountain. The adjacent mountains, on one side Ropička and on the other side Prašivá and Kyčera, created good conditions for the operation of the sports airport. The trees were first cut out, then landscaping took place and a material was taken out of the temporary path to the Kotař cottage. The operation of the airport was initiated by experienced pilot Ludwig Klimsz using a rubber rope. In May 1949 the pilot and instructor Josef Godula used the favorable weather conditions and his glider was soon out of sight. Over the part of Beskydy and Malá Fatra he flew to Slovakia. Thus, the fires were lit on Kotař, marking the borders of the airport, which were to be maintained until the glider landed. However, the plane landed in the vicinity of Dobratice early in the morning, away from the airport about 8 kilometers – the climbing currents enabled the pilot to sail over the Beskydy until dawn.

After 1949, the operation of the airport was terminated as a result of the political changes and the airfield was moved to the interior.

That’s what the Communists have distinguished …

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