Thermalling Course in Italy, May 2017

Monte Grappa is a beautiful mountain at the foot of the Alps, hidden behind the high mountains of the Dolomites, which make it with its majestic protection the terrain with the greatest number of flight days wide. The weather was beautiful, so it was a great pleasure to be surprised that we were in a [...]

Active Piloting Training

In El Speedo E-learning we have prepared several articles on paragliding piloting and paragliding as such …

New El Speedo paragliding sites and maps

In the end, we have chosen a very open approach – information processed through Google Maps with maximum support for direct navigation to the location we choose…

New El Speedo tandem OLIVIER – model 2017

Special attention was paid to the new 2017 model of the leading edge reinforcement for even easier start-ups and a further increase in climb performance in weaker conditions .