First This Year’s ALTO Course on Rana 2017

With a very inspirational group of men we started the first this year's ALTO paragliding training on Rana hill close to Prague. We were so excited that we were on a slope early in the morning so the wind would not restrain us. This proved to be a good idea. I enjoyed it with you [...]

Welcome to the New Website El Speedo 

After a long time, we’ve made a change to our El Speedo site and would like to ask you for your patience and cooperation to move and improve your user accounts..

Chogori Ultrino

CHOGORI ULTRINO originated from the expeditionary flying needs, that is, as a lightweight but most comfortable and tough construction, used mostly without a foam back protector.

PURA VIDA – paragliding guide to Costa Rica

It is said, that people of Costa Rica are one of the happiest people on the planet. And between the local pilots it is particularly true. Just Pura vida. And where have you flown to Costa Rica?

La Muela, Andalusia

We used to go to the bar in La Muela in Andalusia because there was no toutists and good whiskey just for one Euro …