How to Repair a Ruptured Line?

It’s not like we do it often. But it sometimes happen. Hooking the line on a branch, stone or root at the start place. It can happen to everyone.

How to Correctly Adjust the Harness?

How to choose a right size of your harness? How to correctly adjust the harness, how to
set up relax bar, cocoon, speed bag and more…

How to Set Up Speed ​​System?

To get the full potential of your glider and fly efficiently, you need to use the speed at the right time and in the right places. To use the speed effectively, it must be set up correctly.

How to Seal a Damaged SKYTEX?

Rupture in your Skytex? Sometimes the glider gets stuck about trees, bushes and other obstacles around starters and landings. Occasionally, the canopy will pick up a stone or root on the starter, and a hole will

How to Untangle the Tangled Paraglider Lines?

Tangled lines. Almost everyone has done it, almost everyone else has been doing it, and finally everyone managed to correct it. Let’s talk about it a bit, perhaps only for the few few pilots that have not yet been reached.