El Speedo paragliding asistant programm 2020

The next season is here and if you are interested in paragliding to such an extent that you would or would like to spend more time, come to us and put it together. Every year we open the door for stronger pieces who can drive a car, communicate well, use their head even if it pushes somewhere, they are not afraid to use their hands to work and enjoy driving exactly as planned in targeted improvisation – depending on weather and the possibilities of a little strange but strongly friendly band of people in the El Speedo team.

T Yeah, and we’ll probably build a small sauna and tune the energy in the cottage and farm system. So besides flying, you will learn a lot of other interesting things. And if you survive, maybe you will.

The first year is sniffing – starting 🙂 and then all the benefits and social security of our Paragliding Instructor Training Program.

Write how you are, how we can help you and how you can help us and if it fits, we’ll put you in Denise’s hat and draw you in Indian style as the future of the El Speed ​​team. Purely accidentally and with great luck, of course… …

I look forward to see you in Beskydy.

Email: dali@elspeedo.cz
or call +420 603 311 661

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