El Speedo TOP EN-B – JIMMY 3 is being produced :o)

The new model of the powerful EN B, designed by Alexei Rakov, has been certified and is ready for production. So if you are going to rearm the EN A, EN B glider or want more peace and better performance than your older EN C, then JIMMY 3 is definitely the way to go.

With our new JANIS and OZZY3 sports models, you can look forward to great performance and great steering to enhance the sporty feel of the flight with the new JIMMY. JIMMY 3 is the ideal companion for XC flights in the mountains and in the plains, a fun and enjoyable all-rounder. This new model will be most enjoyed by pilots with a flight time of more than 30 hours.

As an extraordinary model, we also decided to prepare a new EL SPEEDO ART EDITION on this occasion. Unsymmetrical, abstract and minimalist design. For someone it can  be only three colors, for others it can be ice floes floating in the sea, hungry fire, frozen plain, field flowers on a hot summer day or sunset. This is an abstraction that pushes man into the world of fantasy. Do you know Mark Rothko? Fifteen years ago, I got to his life story and I am still impressed by his work.

I will be happy if you will enjoy pleasant flying on our new TOP EN B model and achieve great sports performance. And if you appreciate EL SPEEDO ART EDITION in addition to its aeronautical features, it is ideal. For testing we have size M – total load 80-100 kg, sizes S and L will be ready for testing at the end of February 2020.

This model will be available also in the standard El Speedo design, at prices practically the same as JIMMY 2 🙂

Thanks for the trust and good luck;) Dalibor

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