Friendly behaviour and superior performance in mid-EN-B cathegory.

From a desk of designer Alexej Rakov flew in a glider what will please beginners and intermediate pilots.

Its aspect ratio 5,2 and safety tests put him in a category “middle” EN-B. A modern construction and new production technology make this glider for a long time reliable and friendly companion for many satisfied pilots.


Choose the color of your new paraglider







For 2017 you can choose from 6 basic color combinations of FREDDIE 2.

The subcategory mid EN-B is for long years universal glider for wide range pilots. Well, FREDDIE gave a new dimension to this category. Modern construction of canopy delivers great gliding ratio (9,38 – is average gliding ratio during standard tests) which is common to gliders of higher categories. If you add to these also nice and easy handling and smooth behaviour in lifts, you will get a glider which you always want to have for early spring thermalling. As soon as you find yourself just underneath a cloud, there is no problem for a little trip around.

This is my experience with FREDDIE and I am sure that it will make you happy too. Well, in case that you are about to fly 30 hours per year plus.

Dalibor Carbol

Sizes and technical information

Flat surface area (m2) 23 25 27 29 31
Flat aspect ratio 5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2
Flat span (m) 10,94 11,40 11,85 12,28 12,70 13,15
Number of cells 46 46 46 46 46 46
Min. speed (km/h) 23 23 23 23 23 23
Max. speed (km/h) 51 51 51 51 51 51
Glider´s weight (kg) 5,3 5,5 5,8 6,0 6,3 6,6
Take-off weight (kg) 60-80 70-90 80-100 95-120 110-140 130-160
Cerfikation EN B EN B EN B
Price 2390 €  2440 € 2490 € 2540 € 2590 € 2690 €

Concept – full of modern technologies

Although, the middle EN-B category does not maybe doesn’t need it, FREDDIE 2 is literally crowded of modern construction elements. What was once used just for racing specials is getting to use in wing category for beginners and intermediate pilots.

New modern profiles, nylon rods in a leading edge and short mini-ribs in a trailing edge. Fit Cut technology for a smooth shape of the leading edge, uncovered lines in an upper gallery and other adjustments – that´s a construction what makes FREDDIE 2 attractive for pilots obsessed with flying.

Details are important

Even the most developed technology improving the performance and safety would be a weak argument if the pilot will not feel comfortably on our glider FREDDIE 2. 

That´s why we have made some improvements compared to the old version:

Uncovered lines in the upper gallery improve aerodynamics and makes the preparation before a take-off much easier.

Redesigned handles became more comfortable and new small magnets on the handles make a fastening on risers easier too.

A newly designed Speed-system attached on risers simplified its use.

Simply, you must try FREDDIE 2. You´ll be surprised how easy and pleasant is flying with it.


When it was decided that the NHL would be interrupted for the first time in its history so that all the best hockey players of the planet could take part in the Olympic tournament, people spoke about Nagano as the tournament of the century.

And then the underestimated Czech team got to the finale, and moreover with Russia, and we could see its fantastic victory in the end. It had to be great experience for everyone. And when listening to the song We Are the Champions of 1977, I am still very excited until now, and certainly I am not alone. Walking energy, a showman, charismatic possessor of the three-octave voice – it is Freddie Mercury.

After him we have named our exceptional model of the category EN B.



And even something extra

Durable travel backpack KEYLONG XC and El Speedo STRING BAG included in the paraglider price.



A very useful accessory is also a quick-pack, which you can order in the ruscksacks and packs section.


Lightweight paraglider with enough performance
for your dream journeys

Our goal when designing BLACK BETTY was to offer traveling pilots and flying adventurers a powerful, light, but also sufficiently durable paraglider.

The hippie version

Do you want a paraglider with no logos or with custom colours? Use our configurator to let your feeling come out.

Only 120 € to the price of a paraglider.

The best performance – stability ratio

When soaring quietly above a landscape or flying difficult cross county flights in big mountains the El Speedo paragliders surprise pilots by their friendly behaviour and high performance in both thermals and long glides. What design elements are used in El Speedo paragliders constructions?


All graduates of our training programs are provided 10% discount.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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