If you want to go to the mountains and around the world

The El Speedo single skin special’s perfect technical design will appeal to anyone who enjoys traveling and climbing hills.

LEMMY is simply a pet! But not only for advanced pilots. Ideal for Hike & Fly. You just have to experience this!

Weight of the LEMMY Ultrino version – 1,6 kg, standard version of the LEMMY – 2 kg.

If you are looking for a certified paraglider, forget it right away. If you want to fly LEMMY for the first time, you’ll have to cope with its aspect ratio of 5.5, reactions very similar to the middle EN-B, and the feeling that you’re going to do something that might not be allowed. After landing, you won’t care, you’ll want LEMMY, and that’s actually the only real problem. But that can be solved

The single-skin kites have been here for quite some time and are great for training and freeriding.  But to design a quality single-skin paraglider, it took more time and effort. And the result is great.

There are actually two different types of single-skin paragliders – classic and hybrid.  Classics have only one cloth surface and hybrids have some closed chambers filled with air. Designer Alexej Rakov and his team designed, manufactured and tested several prototypes of classic and hybrid design, and finally chose the classic design for LEMMY. LEMMY is a multi-purpose paraglider, which we offer in two versions – made of standard material and the ultralight one. With the first you can look forward to a longer life and with the second you will enjoy the minimum weight and volume of the glider.

Both versions have plastic reinforcements in the leading edge, unsheeted lines and lightweight risers with a speed system. LEMMY is ideal for hiking in the mountains and flying in them: The low weight and volume, incredible ease of take-off and stable flight. Another possible use is ground handling and reverse launches training in flying schools, where thanks to its behaviour, simple ascent over the head and stability, it significantly speeds up the entire training process.

And the third suitable use is paramotor flying. Again, thanks to the simple start, the LEMMY is excellent for both training and the first powered flights. In our opinion, LEMMY is also suitable for precise landing, although this discipline is not exactly typical for single-sin paragliders. The wing maintains a precise trajectory and effectively changes the glide angle depending on the work with the brakes. We also tested LEMMY on a winch and it also showed in a good light.

Are you curious what speeds we measured during test flying?
With Lemmy sized M (18 m2) loaded at 87 kg total, we measured the trim speed of 37 km/h, a minimum speed of 26 km/h and maximum speed of 41 km/h while this speed was reached at 40% of speed system, further depression no longer affected the horizontal speed. LEMMY switched to deep stall when braking below 22 km/h.

And what is LEMMY’s behaviour at landing and below minimum speed?
The landing flare isn’t completely such as with standard paragliders, but it is definitely possible to slow down enough to land. As you brake and go to deep stall, the steering forces increase naturally and enough to warn you before entering the stall. The separation of stream lines is then significantly faster, and the transition to normal flight mode is just as fast.

Choose the color of your new LEMMY





You can choose the LEMMY paraglider in four basic color combinations. You can wish for any bottom surface colour, but none of that will happen, because LEMMY doesn’t have a bottom surface :o).


Motörhead – ACE OF SPADES

When the cards go, you have to play – that’s what Ďuro and I said often, and it wasn’t something to discuss at all. 

And Ian Fraser Kilmister – alias “Lemmy” certainly knew that too, and he played what the rock’n roll world could take. Legend of the greatest. Play Ace Of Spades, turn it up a bit, and if you feel like you’re about to jump out of your skin, just jump. You aren’t here forever, so let’s make it. And don’t forget the joker!


Area (m2) 16 18 20
Aspect ratio 5,5 5,5 5,5
Weight of the paraglider (kg) 1,8/1,4 2/1,5 2,2/1,7
Take off weight (kg) 60-90 80-110 100-130
Certification company company company
Price  2320 € 2360 € 2400 €

We want LEMMY to last you a long time

Ultralight single-skin paragliders have a relatively unpleasant limit in short life, because the underside of the upper sail is not protected by the lower sail as with standard constructions. Therefore, in addition to the LEMMY Ultrino version, we also offer the standard LEMMY version made of the standard SKYTEX.  We do not play the game of the lightest paraglider.  The goal is great flight characteristics and great utility value.

Even so, with the LEMMY Ultrino in size M, we get a great 1.6 kg and in the standard LEMMY variant on 2 kilos!  And that’s something the pilot gets used to quickly.

Upper surface: Skytex 9017 E25A
Ribs: Skytex 9017 E25A
Leading edge reinforcements: Flexon cord 2,4 mm
Upper lines: Edelrid A8000U
Middle lines: Edelrid A8000U
Long lines: Edelrid A8000U
Risers: 12 mm polyester, 1100 daN
Carabiners: 3mm Mailon Rapide

And even something extra

El Speedo STRING BAG included in the paraglider price.


A very useful accessory is also a quick-pack, which you can order in the ruscksacks and packs section.

The best performance – stability ratio

When soaring quietly above a landscape or flying difficult cross county flights in big mountains the El Speedo paragliders surprise pilots by their friendly behaviour and high performance in both thermals and long glides. What design elements are used in El Speedo paragliders constructions?


All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount

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