New El Speedo LEMMY – why would I want a single-skin paraglider? 

I always look forward to the final version of a model that Alexei Rakov and his team prepares for us. But with LEMMY, it’s a little more interesting. Because Alexej has huge experience not only with the construction of paragliders, but also with the construction of kites. And that’s really good with a single-skin paraglider.

I’m very happy with LEMMY. Not only because we have a modern successor for a lightweight travel version of Black Betty. I am especially happy that this is something really EXTRA. A result that I didn’t even expect. Yesterday I flew LEMMY and in various respects it exceeded my expectations and requirements.

First of all, taking-off with a single-skin is generally very simple. The was south-east wind and that is exactly the opposite of ideal at Javorový. But no problem, glider over my head, I felt like it was even waiting for me there. Then a completely calm takeoff without any down wash that I would normally expect in these conditions, just a completely smooth transition. We glided through the air in a strange calmness and silence, and I began to wonder how nicely it worked, how the steering exactly followed my hand. And especially how it slides through a space with performance that I wouldn’t really expect from a single-skin.

I twisted in risers, searching the air for the drone which was filming my flight. And even rotated 180 °, I could easily weight-shift control the direction, it did not fall into a sharp turn as with other models.

A new JIMMY3 flew in front of me and I immediately compared the speed and the height at which we fly over the power lines and I was surprised to see how LEMMY glides nicely. Great for a single-skin. The relatively higher aspect ratio of 5.5 certainly plays a role in this construction.

I flew the 18 m2 size and the forward speed was pretty good. I only took my tandem harness and left the speed bar in the office. I immediately regretted it, because the risers with speed pulleys asked for a test of the faster flight of the single-skin. So I started trying collapses at least at basic speed. It stayed with the tries because it just wasn’t possible to pull it down within the length of my hands to break the leading edge under the wing. I just deformed it every time, and then I had to let go of everything in disgust. Why disgusted? Because nothing fundamental happened. I just haven’t experienced that much stability with a single paraglider. Then I tried transitiin to a deep stall, it was like with a normal but heavily loaded middle EN-B, a little differently distributed forces in the control range, a faster reaction, but everything is quite legible. I will continue to test it in various loads and report.

And then landing into the slope in the south wind blowing down the hill. Well, I was very curious how LEMMY would flare. These were not typical conditions, difficult to compare. Landing completely smooth, precise reaction, soft. But I could see how easily the descent trajectory could be controlled. I’m already looking forward to the next flights, when I will try LEMMY in different conditions. I’m really looking forward to the feeling of flying at minimum speed and accuracy landing training. I’m curious about collapses at maximum speed, I’m looking forward to LEMMY in thermals. I really enjoyed it and I believe that so the other pilots will.

So, who is LEMMY suitable for? Well, I’m probably the most surprised at that. I used to think that single-skins are more of a fad for more experienced pilots, stable and interesting for the powered paragliding, certainly interesting for traveling, but I had to reconsider this with astonishment.

That incredibly simple take-off, so easy canopy control overhead, huge stability in flight, very low weight and perfect stowage even with used standard materials with sufficient durability, easy landing – this makes LEMMY a very universal model for a wide range of pilots. And I understand that this will be against the fur of some instructors, but also for beginner pilots. And that it doesn’t have an EN test? So, given the features of this model, due to its construction and stability, I simply do not consider it important. I consider this to be such a successful and revolutionary solution that I do not consider any EN testing and bending of the structure to make the figures possible at all, important or beneficial. And I think that anyone who wants to argue about this should fly LEMMY first and only then make an opinion about it.

So for me: schools, training of various take-offs, novice pilots, advanced pilots, lovers of mountain climbing and flying in the mountains, travellers and adventurers – this is LEMMY’s target group. LEMMY is not a great athlete, but a relaxed and fun partner. Come and try it and then let us know what you think about it. 😉

Thanks and see you soon


Yeah, I’m sorry for the photos, I was a little faster then the drone from the start, so we couldn’t do many good ones. But more photos will be added soon…

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