Spring is here – what to do with frozen fingers?

I experienced a lot of  flying seasons in cold spring weather with frozen hands. Those are memories, when I am able to laugh and grumble as the starling as well. One thing is certain – cold air stings and burns. I would like to give you some good advice on how not to minimize this predicament.

Most pilots looking for a solution only in the purchase of rough gloves. Let’s take a look at it a little wider …


It is clear – harness with cocoon wins by a wide margin. I do not see the temperature difference between the thicker and thinner neoprene Lycra on cocoon. It is important that cold air is not  blowing directly into the feet during the flight. Anyway, I flew to K2, the seat of the cocoon from light SKYTEX. Service done the same as thicker wetsuit.

If you fly in the harness without cocoon, much to his knees getting hammered, but mostly the cold and blowing out the hull. Just mainly “warm feet” – that’s the basic.


Downy layer always helps, but you need not to overdo it. If you will sweat at the start, then you will freeze through during the flight in chilly air.

But certainly it is necessary to choose clothes so that especially under the arms were not too tight. So that the top layer was looser than some of the lower layers. Pinched layer armpit impair blood flow to the hands and fingers, then suffers.


The cool fingers are rough, but it’s possible heat ratio and good grip cords or straps. The mittens not catch much, and when you want something to solve the risk of falling glove is real. Interesting are the “crab” gloves – that is split in half mittens. Testing one of the meridian, soon I let you know. On the way I also have some luxury leather, too much praised – already looking forward to it, test it and I will write.


For years, I use lightweight ski helmet is glued inside the textiles and spring weather extra years with earflaps. It suits me beautifully and usually I can do without the helmet. Ski mask – it is a great thing, except when you pull out of your head, you look like just turned out! But it helps in cold weather – it’s clear. We have a lots on stock, just call.


Choose one that as much as possible and cover your eyes on the sides. First, a man like that better monitors space and there is not to too much wind under them. Then your eyes are not so tired.

Flight technology

Flight with your hands up is a simple recipe for exsanguination fingers. When you dial the ceiling and vault, you normally have five minutes of flight, when nothing much is happening. Turn control and put your hands down. Give a chance to blood supply to the fingers. If needed, so the hands turn around. It swings a little, but it did not particularly bother the flight and the blood centrifuge reaches its destination. Then just fold your hands into a cocoon and fly straight. Outs can also change the direction of flight, if needed. When you come back to the slope you will have your hands ready for another spin thermals.

Looking to see you soon …

Dalibor Carbol

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