Support Javorový and Prašivá flying terrains

We have another season ahead of us and I would like to ask you to consider supporting the flying terrains: Javorový – west, Prašivá – west and Prašivá – south. Ten years of each of these take-offs cost CZK 350 – 400 thousand. Do you want to support these places and help with rentals?

Send the pilot’s annual contribution to these 3 flying terrains – CZK 500 to the account: 670100-2209122227 / 6210. We will use the funds obtained in this way not only for rentals and fees for the take offs, but we are also preparing other projects supporting the development of paragliding.  We inform you about them on the El Speedo website.

This year we have an interesting alternative: send a contribution of 1000 CZK to the above account and to get a good feeling from the support of places for flying, you will also get El Speedo CHAN TENGRI – Summer leather gloves worth CZK 990 and that’s fine, right?  They will be ready at this year’s PARASEMS to try the right size and quickly pick them up or we will send them to you by post.

Thanks so much for your interest and see you soon…


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