SUUSAMYR – Kyrgyzstan 2003


Historically, our first bivouac flying in Kyrgyzstan. In a team composed of Janík Filipek, Martin Komárek, Karel Vrbenský a Dalibor Carbol we organized this event with the aim of sleeping on top of hills and flying further and further along the crest of Kyrgyzstan.

The beginning in Bishkek was incredible – luckily we flood out just one block of flats… The mountains were for our explosive group definitely safer. The problem turned out to spring weather which regularly served us thunderstorms and then covered up the sky. Our friend Martin Komárek decided to explore Bishkek so we three went towards first flights in Suusamyr Valley on the other side of the Kyrgyz ridge. We experienced there a really strong thermals so we spent quite a lot of time in clouds without much effort.

For the first time we landed and slept on the hills above Susamyr, we were flying around their snow caps, we have reached heights over 4000 m and enjoyed the views no one seen before, because in these places people just haven´t flown before.

Janík Filipek
Karel Vrbenský
Dalibor Carbol

Suusamyr Valley, Central Kyrgyzstan

Flight duration:
3 days


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