Fly and Travel Andalusia

 Application Form for Fly and Travel Andalusia More information: 1. Complete application Choose a date, send the application form located below and we will make your reservation of the course. We will create your personal account and we will send you all the informations. 2.  Booking Reservation After advance payment of 30 EUR  we will book your [...]

October Expedition Courses – Take your time for cool paragliding

Dolomity Marmolada for PILOT 2 or more, Andalusia for PILOT 1 and anyone who wants to fly, taste and fly again. More about El Speedo Pilot categories here. Dalibor, Slávek, Michal, Petr, Renek, Tado, Honza, and who knows who will be there yet: o) If you want to go with a particular instructor, ask Marcela, [...]

La Muela, Andalusia

We used to go to the bar in La Muela in Andalusia because there was no toutists and good whiskey just for one Euro …