PURA VIDA – paragliding guide to Costa Rica

It is said, that people of Costa Rica are one of the happiest people on the planet. And between the local pilots it is particularly true. Just Pura vida. And where have you flown to Costa Rica?

La Muela, Andalusia

We used to go to the bar in La Muela in Andalusia because there was no toutists and good whiskey just for one Euro …

XC Bivouac ROMANIA 2017 – we’re going for Dracula

Romania is not as far as Kyrgyzstan, but offers an interesting mix of nature and human nature, which always reminds me Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to the ease of transport will experience more flying and yet we can afford to reduce the overall duration of the event a few days.

Dubai shora i ze země

Hledal jsem jednu fotku a jak už to tak bývá, narazil jsem na úplně jiné. A koukal jsem, že by se možná mohly hodit na zahřátí. Takže Dubai z roku 2011, když jsme s Ďurem letěli do Pákistánu...

Toktogulské lake – Kyrgyzstan 2015

Mountains of Kyrgyzstan are too tempting for their beauty and potential for XC flights and offer many exciting adventures. It would be a pity if we had gone this wonderful area. Where: Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. Plán: 1st tour – Kyrgyz ridge from east to west as far up to the border with Tajikistan. 2. route […]


The Arentina and her always windy Andes – that was a challenge for which we really looked forward. We chose an approach from the north to the south, started in a small town Salta we gradually struggled all means of transport to Mendoza and a little further below.