Toktogulské lake – Kyrgyzstan 2015

Mountains of Kyrgyzstan are too tempting for their beauty and potential for XC flights and offer many exciting adventures. It would be a pity if we had gone this wonderful area. Where: Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. Plán: 1st tour – Kyrgyz ridge from east to west as far up to the border with Tajikistan. 2. route […]


The Arentina and her always windy Andes – that was a challenge for which we really looked forward. We chose an approach from the north to the south, started in a small town Salta we gradually struggled all means of transport to Mendoza and a little further below.

The foothils of TIAN SHAN – Kyrgyzstan 2006

This year we wanted to continue in our last track and fly around Yssyk Kull Lake in northern Kyrgyzstan, in the mountain range Tian Shan. In a team composed of Karel Vrbenský, Juraj Kleja and Dalibor Carbol we had to deal with hard conditions caused by the windy mountains always surrounded by thunderstorms on the southern and northern shores of Issyk Kull.

From SUUSAMYR to ISSYK KUL – Kyrgyzstan 2004

Another expedition in Kyrgyzstan where we also dedicated to bivouac flying. This time we were just two – Dalibor Carbol a Karel Vrbenský – focusing on a flight from the Suusamyr Valley to Yssyk Kull. We brought a video camera for a first time to record this interesting performance and beautiful experience. Without any ground support.

SUUSAMYR – Kyrgyzstan 2003

Historically, our first bivouac flying in Kyrgyzstan. In a team composed of Janík Filipek, Martin Komárek, Karel Vrbenský a Dalibor Carbol we organized this event with the aim of sleeping on top of hills and flying further and further along the crest of Kyrgyzstan.

Adventure in NEW ZEALAND 2001

Six-month expedition where we realized many first flights in mountains of South and North Island. And in tandem Blanka Smékalová and Dalibor Carbol we set out to the top of New Zeland´s highest mountain – Mt. Cook.