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El Speedo paragliding equipment – that’s a combination of top design and high-quality materials. The result is high performance and utility value. Count on our invention and experiences…

El Speedo ULTRINO series

In our paragliding equipment offer there are also items marked with the ULTRINO attribute. It is intentionally designed product family where we prefer weight and simple use. You will not find any elements on these articles which would increase their weight and price. Minimalism is the trend with good enough reason for these products.

We believe that you will greatly appreciate the quality of El Speedo products.

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Equipment rental

Rent equipment for El Speedo training after Basic course

We rent you a canopy, a harness, a rescue parachute, a rucksack, a helmet and instruments.

– only valid for participants of any course or trip organized by our school,
– ideal for our 2-year training program HAWK (the same service and lessons like for all students in any of our Basic courses plus personal radio station included in price of the program),

– price of the PG set: CZK 400 per day,

– price of the instruments (variometer or GPS): CZK 100 per event.

Rent equipment for flying under instructor supervision

We rent you a canopy, a harness, a rescue parachute, a rucksack and a helmet.

– you can join the practical training of the current Basic course,
– our instructors will help you with the safe take-off and landing, – and they warn you of the potential danger,
– you will need your own radio station capable of tuning on the frequency of the course,

– the price is CZK 800 per day.

El Speedo test center

We lend you a canopy; after agreement also a harness, a rescue parachute, a rucksack and a helmet.

– 3 days of testing of one model and size of a specific paraglider is free,
– only for flying at the site of actual El Speedo course or other event,
– you need your own harness, rescue parachute and helmet,
– we can rent you our harness with a rescue parachute for CZK 400 per day (the whole set is blocked).

DIY (do-it-yourself)

Learn to solve minor repairs and amendments. The pilot is alone in the mountains…

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